Keynote Speaker:

Michelle Higgins

Michelle Higgins is an organizer, faith-leader and musician.
Michelle holds an M.Div from Covenant Theological Seminary in Saint Louis, MO; where she works as the Director of Advocacy and Engagement for South City Church, where she also directs a community choir and worship team. Michelle has deep roots in the Pentecostal worship tradition but her longing is to learn from and join with all the nations in bringing glory to God through song.

Michelle is the Director and a founding member of Faith for Justice, a Christian advocacy group dedicated to continuing the biblical story of activism. Faith for Justice promotes and leads public justice actions and events that connect faith communities to the movements that seek to dignify and humanize Black lives.

Michelle is actively involved as a local organizer and has participated in civil disobedience, leadership development, logistics and administrative support in both sacred and secular spaces.
Michelle works with a number of local activism groups including

Michelle also serves as event organizer for the Leadership Development Resource Weekend (LDR Weekend), an annual gathering founded to address the core concerns of dignity, identity, and significance for people of color.

Michelle lives in North Saint Louis with her husband Sean Loftin, and their two children Moses and Matilda.