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April 2018 

Our Vision

Our vision is to see graduate students, professional students, and faculty of African or African American descent transformed by Christ, renewed in their academic pursuits or professional lives, and serving as agents of change within the African American and African community, the church, and the world

Our Eight Principles

Sponsored Activities 

Black Scholars and Professionals minister to graduate students, professional students, and faculty through local campus fellowships. Our activities on campus includes:

Bible Study | Prayer | Small Groups | Mentoring | Retreats | Professional Advising | Outreach and Social Events

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We have great supporters

Every gathering always leaves me with hope and faith as I hear the common struggles that we face as Christians and hear the testimonies about God’s goodness and faithfulness. BSAP gives me the strength to keep getting up!

Dr. Valencia Joyner
Professor at Tufts University

I was blessed to be able to meet other women facing similar struggles and challenges in life and work. Although new, the BSAP group already feels like family!

Marisha Collins
PhD Candidate in Biology at Boston College

We’re teaching them to transform the lives of the people around them by following Jesus with passion and excellence. We’re challenging them to place their academic and professional training at the service of God’s Kingdom.

Rocklyn Clarke
Pastor of Life Church Ministries, Inc.

Ways you can partner with us

Are you interested in becoming involved in this exciting ministry to graduate students, professional students, and faculty of African and African American descent? We would love for you to join us! Here are three important, practical ways that you can support BSAP:

Prayer Support

BSAP needs a team of people who will surround BSAP with prayer and will pray for BSAP’s future and growth.

Finanicial Support

BSAP needs to raise financial support for the ministry and needs individuals who will commit to support the ministry through their giving.

Staff & Volunteers

BSAP needs people who will donate their time and ability to serving the ministry.

Get in touch

Alice Brown-Collins, PhD Associate Regional Directoe, GFM/BSAP

100 Regal Street Holliston, MA 01706 |

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